Green Man Humming Music Technology

I offer a wide range of music technology products and services.

This website is an overview of things I do. Some I do regularly and they have their own website, others are more occasional and are only listed here.

  • Five string violins and violas

  • This is my most popular offering at present. Visit the website for Violorama

  • Soundpost pickup system for bowed string instruments

  • Usually the best way to amplify a violin. Soundpost Pickups

  • Valve amplifier repair

  • I am now quite selective about what amp repair jobs I will take on. If it is a handwired amp with a clear fault I will likely be willing to fix it, otherwise it depends. See the amp repair page

  • Custom Valve Electronics

  • I have good proven designs for valve mic preamps, a channel switching guitar amp head with a choice of power options, and may be willing to take on other valve related projects.

  • Custom fet and solid state electronics

  • I can make a number of useful instrument preamp devices with great sound, customised to your specific requirements for gigging.

  • Music Mixing and Mastering services

  • If I like you and your music and it fits with my expertise (folk-rock, classical, prog, acoustic, electro-acoustic and experimental) I may be willing to do mixing and/or mastering for you. I am highly selective in what I will take on in this area. Examples of my work on request. Please enquire.

  • Acoustic Consultancy

  • I can help you make your community venue, pub, restaurant, rehearsal room or other space more pleasant to be in by controlling the acoustics so that music can be played with clarity or conversations can be had without shouting. My expertise is based on real world experience and I have lots of tricks for achieving useful improvements at modest expense.

  • Music Composition and Production

  • My original chosen vocation has had to take a back seat to survival in recent years. However I hope to have some new music before too long.

I am based a few miles out of Durham city, Co Durham, UK.