Valve amplifier repairs, Durham, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, UK

Valve Amplifier repair

I am based near Durham, County Durham UK.

I am now quite selective about what amp repair jobs I will take on. If it is a handwired amp or model I am familar with with a clear fault I will likely be willing to fix it, otherwise it depends on how busy I am. Ask.

I repair any sort of valve (tube) amplifier. Guitar amps, Valve Hi-fi, mic preamps.

I charge £15 per hour. There is no minimum fee, but realistically it is very rare for anything to take less than an hour including drop off and pickup time and reseaching the schematic and so on.

I don't work on transistor (solid state) amps.

I also make my own amp and preamp designs, please ask.


some amps I have worked on include:

Fender: HotRod Deville, HotRod Deluxe, Blues Deluxe, Blues Deville, Twin (both reiisue and original), Fender Deluxe (6V6), Fender Champ & Super Champ, Bandmaster

Marshall: JTM45, JCM900, JCM800, JTM30, DSL and TSL 60 and 100, JCM2000, 25th anniversary, 30th anniversary, Artist. (don't talk to me about "valvestate" amps!)

Other: Trace Elliot Velocette, ENGL, Gibson Goldtone, Vox AC30, Quad 2, Affordable Valve Company, and WEM, fender and gibson vintage combos.

and many more I forget right now!