Garage Sale

Here are some things I don't need any more, or can't afford to keep.

please contact me if you are interested in any of the following:

Eigenharp Pico, great condition with all accessories £330

Celestion G12-80 classic lead guitar speaker as new 2003. £55

Celestion G1280 Rola era 70s/80s guitar speaker (2 available) £45ea

Nickel silver wound violin and viola strings - box full (fitted and removed but unplayed) £ask/cheap

Belgian style cello bridges £4 each

Basic quality violin and viola bows £12 each.

Boxwood english style (fancy) violin and viola pegs, used. £ask/cheap

Blown Celestion 12" guitar speakers for reconing £0 plus shipping cost

pics of this stuff available on request

I will ship at cost, or you can pick up from County Durham, UK